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Cold Smoking Cheese

Home Made Smoked CheeseWhy pay gourmet prices for something that is so easy to do at home? Save money and cold smoke your own Cheese, Nuts, Fish, Chicken, Steaks, Sausage, and even salad. Now you can make your own gourmet smoked food at home and not pay gourmet prices.

What do you need to get started cold smoking?

First, you need to have a closed container that will be big enough to accommodate what you want to cold smoke.




Cardboard box


Smoker or grill (leave the heat off for this)  


Or another other type of enclosed container will do


A cooler works best because it is well insulated, so you don't have to worry about the cheese melting while smoking.

Second, you will need some kind of surface to put the food on. A cookie cooling rack, which is a flat peice of metal that is about the size of a cookie sheet but it has holes in the bottom. This allows the smoke get to every side of the food for even coverage. This works very well for cheese and fish. For anything larger use a cookie sheet.

Third, you will need a constant source of real wood smoke. You can go about this a couple of different ways but the easiest way is to use the SmokePistol. It makes a constant supply of cool real wood smoke that is ideal for cold smoking. Another advantage is there are 10 flavors of real wood smoke to choose from.

Finally, you will need something to cold smoke.

Cheese, nuts, fish, chicken, steaks, sausage, salt, seasonings. This is just a few of the popular smoked items that people like to try.

When cold Smoking you may put as many items into the smoker as will fit. Be sure not to let any of the items touch however, because you want each item to have as much exposure to the smoke as possible.

Cold Smoking Start to finish

  1. Get whatever food you want to smoke and place it on the cookie cooling rack or cookie sheet

  2. Place that cooling rack into a clean cooler or closed container

  3. Start the SmokePistol and let the constant flow of real wood smoke go into the cooler

  4. Make sure there is a vent in the cooler (either leave the lid cracked a little or leave the drain valve open)

  5. Check periodically for taste (there is always a benifit to being the cook)

  6. Depending on the food it could be 2 to 6 hours before the food is ready

  7. Remove from smoke and enjoy


Check out the SmokePistol in action

Starting it up        How it works       Attached to smoker

Click Here to see the SmokePistol in Action          Click Here to see the SmokePistol in Action            Click Here to see the SmokePistol in Action           

The SmokePistol
Over 4 hours of smoke on a single cartridge!
Wood cartridges 10 flavors for hot or cold smoking.
Continuous fully adjustable smoke!

Just light the cartridge tip, insert into the
SmokePistol and you have continuous
controllable smoke for up to 4 hours.

two cookie cooling racks with two spaces The set up for the Cookie cooling rack, Just place the food you want cooked on the racks and place this in the cooler or cover with your cardboard box.
Homemade Smoked Cheese This is what you're looking for in a finished product. When the cheese is done the outside will have that distinct color and flavor that you're looking for. Gourmet cheese and other smoked foods at home for a fraction of the price.

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